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Bromine Tablets
Our easy to apply bromine based disinfectant comes in slow dissolving tablet form. Bromine is an alternative to chlorine, being more stable than chlorine at higher (hotter) water temperatures and explains why bromine is an overwhelming choice to sanitize, disinfect and oxidize spa water.

Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Stabilised Chlorine Granules are 55% available Chlorine and are completely soluble. As they contain Cyanuric Acid they are automatically stabilised against destruction of chlorine residual by sunlight. The product adds chlorine to the water just like any other sanitizer but it also adds stabiliser at the same time.

Chlorine Tri-Chlor Tablets
Designed for slow release in smaller pools and spas, it is the purest, strongest form of Chlorine donor available for the domestic market. Being stable and slow dissolving with an acidic nature which generally benefits hard water areas. Normally dispensed using a skimmer basket which allows the tablets to dissolve continuously into the filtration system.

Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidiser
In the traditional pool care system, chlorine is used as a sanitizer, to kill bacteria, and as an oxidizer, to eliminate organic waste from bathers and the environment. This product enhances the oxidisation necessary to keep water sparkling clear, so the chlorine is free to sanitize the pool. As a result the chlorine sanitizer lasts longer, so you can use less chlorine.

pH Increaser and pH Decreaser
Proper pH controls are essential. To eliminate problems caused by pH being too low or too high we have a range to cover your needs. If pH is too low then corrosion and staining may occur, if pH is too high then scale can build up on the equipment, piping and the pool surface. These products are used to raise or lower the pH of the pool water as part of your maintenance regime.

Liquid Shock
Liquid shock is used for the shock treatment of pool and spa water control. Used to counteract high levels of pollutants and algae introduced to the system by bathers and the environment. The product can also be used as a preventative shock treatment.

Alkalinity Increaser
When the total alkalinity is too low, the pH level can fluctuate widely and the water can become corrosive. When the total alkalinity is too high, the pH will be high and scale will form on pool surfaces and equipment. This product raises the alkalinity of your pool to between 80 and 120ppm thus helping to prevent wide swings of pH.

Pool and Spa Hardness (Hardness increaser water hardener)
For use with soft water swimming pools and spas, soft water will attempt to balance itself by absorbing minerals until it becomes saturated. In the pool, the predominantly available mineral is calcium. Hardness increaser is used to prevent the corrosion of equipment, piping and fixtures.

Pool Clarifier(Champion range)
This product works while the filter is in operation and requires no premixing. Pool Clarifier restores the look of sparkling clear water by binding small particles into larger masses that can be easily removed by the filter system. The product does not affect the pH values of pools or spas.

Pool Surface Cleaner (Champion Poolside Deep Clean)
This product removes most stubborn stains, lime scale, grease, algae and common dirt; it is compatible with most surfaces found in the pool areas such as ceramics, plastic, vinyl, fibreglass, stainless steel, aluminium and painted surfaces.

Spa Sparkle
As an organic polymer, clarifier and polisher for treating spa water, the product collects the small particles that cause spa water cloudiness, it forms these particles into larger particles that can then be removed by the filtration system.

Long-Life Algaecide. Weekly Algaecide
Long-life Algaecide will help to keep your entire pool system free from most forms of algae for up to six months, it is generally used at the start of the season as a start-up chemical after the winter months. Weekly Algaecide helps to prevent growth when used in conjunction with a disinfectant.

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