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CITRUSOLVE is a ready to use biodegradable emulsion cleaner based on naturally occurring orange terpenes, surfactants and water softening agents. The product can be used in a wide variety of applications including, degreasing of components, floor cleaning, removal of oils and greases etc. and offers a safer alternative to strong alkalis and chlorinated solvents used in some cleaning operations. Citrusolve is fully compatible with oily water separators.

OemaCWCI is a highly effective closed water corrosion inhibitor by forming a stable oxide film that prevents corrosion in ferrous and non-ferrous metals use in cooling water systems. OemaCWCI has no detrimental effects on rubber, plastic, gaskets etc.

Degrease Max is a selected blend of detergents and high flashpoint solvents which rapidly penetrate oil and grease deposits. The formulation of detergents allow the product to be easily rinsed with water. This product is suitable on glass, stone/concrete, all metals, enamel and most painted surfaces. Some painted, plastic or rubber materials together with asphalt and tarmac may be adversely affected. Allow for adequate ventilation when using this product.

Descale HW is a blend of acids and surfactants specifically designed for the removal of hard water scale and metal tarnish. Rapid penetration and removal of deposits can be achieved due to the synergistic blend incorporated into this product. Allow for adequate ventilation when using this product.

Safe Acid is an advanced acid concentrated dry formula consisting of a blend of specific acids, wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and antifoam agents. Its purpose is to remove hard scale and rust deposits from water boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers etc. it is safe to use on sensitive metals, such as Zinc, Lead, Aluminum, Tin etc.

Electroclean is a high purity non-chlorinated solvent based electrical cleaner which removes dirt, oil, grease and dust from electrical components, connections and a whole variety of surfaces and materials. The product is safe for use on most materials however some plastics and rubbers may be addversely affected . SWITCH OFF ELECTRICAL SUPPLY prior to use, make sure dry before reconnecting electricity supply. Allow for adequate ventilation when using this product.

Ferrobrite is a blend of components based on Phosphoric acid and surfactants, specially designed for the removal of metal tarnish, safe for use on most metals and other hard surfaces including wood, plastic, tiles and painted surfaces.

Looclean Max is a detergent blend containing Phosphoric Acid and bactericide. With excellent scale removal and disinfectant properties make it particularly suited for toilet and washroom cleaning.

De-Carb 29 is a heavy duty liquid alkaline de-carboniser containing caustic alkalis and high effective sequestrants. Its low foaming formulation is very effective on difficult paints, oil, oxidised grease, engine deposits and rust. Suitable for use on ferrous metals but will corrode copper, aluminium, zinc, lead and their alloys.

Oema-Gel is a blend of natural solvents and polyethylene beads that is designed to cope with the heaviest industrial oil, grease and grime, yet formulated to be kind to the skin. Oema-Gel is suitable to remove oil, grease, inks, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paint, plaster, mud and ground in soil.

OemaGPC is a multi purpose liquid detergent with fast penetration properties for a quick and effective removal of greases and contamination that are found when cleaning interior and exterior washable surfaces.

OemaTFR is a multi purpose blend of liquid cleaning agents and surfactants with fast penetration properties for a quick and effective removal of tar and bitumen films, always trial a small area first.

OEMAchem PAC50 is a blend of synthetic polymers dissolved in water, they react to form insoluble aluminium poly-hydroxides which precipitate in volumetric flocs. The flocs absorb suspended pollutants in the water which are precipitated with the PAC50 and can be easily removed via filtration.

Ribshine is a crystal clear gel coating, which is designed for use on Hypalon, PVC and rubber, making it ideal for ribs and lorry curtain sides. When applied to clean surfaces Ribshine protects against colour fade and repells water, soiling and airborne particles keeping your surface looking newer for longer.

Oema FUL46 is a pH neutral detergent that is safe to use in most environments. Oema FUL46 can be used as supplied or diluted with 10 parts water to clean all surfaces around beds, walls or floors. As well as bathrooms and washrooms, hospitals or homes.

Oema Antifoam is a silicone free highly effective foam suppressant which is particularly effective in sewage and water treatment processes.

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