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Ecozyme GTX, is a biological grease trap and septic tank seeder. A highly concentrated biological formulation of non-pathogenic bacteria’s, which can be used in grease traps, septic tanks, holding tanks and marine sewage treatment plants. Designed to digest organic waste without the need for strong harsh chemicals.

Ecozyme DM is a biological grease trap and septic tank daily maintainer. A high performing biological enzyme liquid for daily dosing of your drainage system holding tanks or sewage treatment plant. Can be simply manually added or by way of a measured dosing pump.

Ecozyme HSC is a ready to use product for hard surfaces such as worktops, floors, tiles, showers, walls, sinks and W/C’s. A formulation of surfactants and natural enzymes which breaks down organic compounds. Removes surface dirt and residual organic compounds from a variety of surfaces, works on organic materials such as blood, urine, faeces, sweat, foodstuffs, milk and soft drinks.

Ecozyme Odourway, is a formulation of selectively adapted bacteria which traps and neutralises then breaks down the odour causing free radicals. After odour elimination, the odour causing compounds are subsequently biodegraded by the bacteria strains into odourless, harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Ecozyme Toilet cleaner sachets. Contains organic descalers and non-pathogenic bacteria, this product is designed to digest organic wastes. Simple to use in urinals and W/C’s, just add 1 sachet to the toilet or urinal once a week for best results. This can be used in water systems and circuits by dissolving into water and pouring into either the system or urinals.

Ecozyme Toilet cleaner liquid, is a ready to use organic waste digester containing non-pathogenic bacteria specifically formulated to replace aggressive, toxic toilet cleaners that can disable the sewage treatment plant by killing the naturally occurring bacteria. Simply pour solution into W/C’s or urinals.

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