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We undertake a variety of tests but the most commonly requested are WAC’s and BS3882’s.


The Landfill Directive places controls on waste disposal. These controls include requirements to follow the waste acceptance procedures and criteria that have been agreed by the Council of the European Union and are laid out in Council Decision 2003/33/EC.

Before a waste can be accepted at a landfill site, the landfill operator must be satisfied that the waste meets his permit conditions, the waste acceptance procedures (WAP) and waste acceptance criteria (WAC). If you decide that disposal to landfill is the best management option for your waste and OEMAchem can advise you on this, you must follow these procedures or the operator may refuse to accept your waste.

The key points are:

  • Certain kinds of waste cannot be landfilled.
  • Landfills are classified according to whether they can accept hazardous, non-hazardous or inert wastes.
  • Wastes can only be accepted at a landfill if they meet the waste acceptance criteria (WAC) for that class of landfill.
  • Most wastes must be treated before you can send them to landfill.
  • There are formal processes for identifying and checking wastes you must follow before wastes can be accepted at a landfill site.

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